Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Should I end or Carry On?


Have been thinking on this issue for a long time now. Should I end or carry on the blog since I hardly have the time to really update as much as before.

Looking at things stand now, its kinda hard to really end this blog as it was started in 2005 to let me have an avenue to vent my angry, happiness and other emotions.

But still.... like what the saying always say, All good things must come to an end somehow.

But at this point, I'm still thinking on it.. Maybe, in the near future, my decision will arrive.

In the meantime, take care all and stay safe.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Very Worried

Its the last day of 2010 and everyone is geared up to countdown to 2011.

For me, I'm now not in the mood at all as my loved ones, my dad, has been admitted to the hospital after complaining of gastric pain and slight fainting spells.

As my sis updated me, the doc says that he suspect my dad have a slight infection in the liver. Best part is I'm now at work and can't leave my post while my dad is spending the night in the hospital ward alone.

I'm really not in the mood of doing anything or what. I'm just praying hard that all these are just minor things but the liver is a major organ in our body as its the so-called waste management centre of our body.

Sigh! Don't want to talk bout it anymore. Just wish that the time now is knock off time.

Monday, December 27, 2010

End of 2010 - A love-hate year

Well, its coming to an end for 2010.

All I can say that 2010 started with a 'Bang' in the wrong way. Got myself into a bad shape for my health and was down for quite a fair bit trying to recover.

Then work started to pile up due to internal promotions and more duties/responsibilities were added. Though its a good thing to some extend that this came to being for work, it had a down side in the form of me being broken down and kinda lost it for a short period.

Then, its the trial and tribulations on the friendship. Twice, a friendship was on the verge of being lost due to silly things done by me. All because of some characteristics of me when facing the opposite sex.

Health is a big issue for me in 2010 as drinking and ciggies took its toll in ways I've never knew would hit me.

Relationship issues? Still the same old thing since the end of 2006. No improvement what-so-ever in this field so most likely, its gona be another similar year in 2011 unless a miracle happens.

Now, what can i wish for in this coming new year of 2011? The same as usual on certain fields but most importantly, an improvement to my health and work.

Before I go and say good-bye... or should I say, good riddance, to 2010, I would like to take this chance to wish everyone a wonderful and blessed 2011.

- Ranger, signing out till the next entry.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Re-ignite the passion again

I think its time to re-ignite the passion on blogging again.

Its like what? 1 year since my last entry into my blog. No doubt it seems like it died but still, I have decided to start blogging again.

Its time to let friends to know what I've been up to for the times in my life. No doubt its not going to be as often as possible but still, it should be updated at least every 2 weeks.

So the next entry coming in would be m,ore on less on certain in the next 2 days on how is things going to be or has happened for the past week.

Somehow, i will try to link this blog to my facebook account so it will be more accessible to all my friends.

Catch up soon.

- The Lone Ranger 10/10/10

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tiring month

Wow! Didn't knw that I can actually tahan this long.

Its close to the end of Nov and I m still quite alrite. Although tired n lacking in slp, otherwise, everything is still ok. Night duty really does screw up your body clock.

But somehow, once I know about the night duty things, everything else seems to fall in place quite easily. Although there will be some hic-up here n there, overall everything is still bearable.
Thought can have 3 days of rest day in a row but, alas, one of my colleague's family member, passed on and so, my off days have to be reshuffled. But still, I do get the off.

Only other thing which I have is to bear is the new guy whom we have here who is gona do perm night duty. Been training him since Sun and so far the results doesn't seem quite optimistic. Yes, he is senior in age and yes, senior aged ppl tend to learn things abit slower, but somehow, he seems to be too reliant on ppl to handle things. Also, he tend to be very forgetful of things once told to him. I almost blew my top on Tuesday night but I just calm myself down and repeat the instructions to him once more.

Tonight, so far, he seems quite ok. I purposely left him alone a few times to let him handle and overall, he IS COMPETANT! Well, at least, its still something which we need to see. But still, I do have my doubts in his capability in handling things.

Ok, dun wana write anymore cos i wana do my stuff. Check back soon!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Falling Sick... NABEI!

Oh my Fcuking God!

Looks like I am starting to fall sick again. All the night hours burned at work, doing redundant paperwork, catching NTU students making too much noise and also having my meal times turn up-side down.

Best news from my colleagues, the new guy is a softie. Tok softly and very gentle like. OMFG again! Already we are betting how long this new night duty guy will be wif us. 2mths is my bet and my colleague says 3mths. Either way, its gona be a losing battle for me as its super sucks as I am gona be at night duty again. Man! Thought can cut down on my ciggie intake but here? Fcuking hell! 1 pack last me only 2 nights! Holy Mother Fcuking Crap! This is worse than when I was at ST.

Then nevermind. Stupid thing is, new staff in NTU have to go for some fcuking stupid Safety Briefing at 0930hrs. NABEI CB!! I get off work at 0730hrs, have to wait 2 bloody fcuking hours, go attend that stupid briefing and by the time I reach home, its gonna be at least 12noon minimum. How to get enough rest man! Crappy set up! Most likely gona take the bloody cab back home. Super expensive man even without the stupid peak hour and ERP surcharge! Still a minimum of 16 bucks! Well, I am trying to save enough spare VIT M to get my beloved camera man! Been pending it for years now.

Anyway, have to get things prepared and done. Oh ya! SHIT! Got a new Asst Man-a-ger join us. Oh man! Really gona have a bitched up time with her around. Crap. Even now, can't even get my fav games, L4D2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 as Vit M still lacking. Looks like need to fall back on my other plan soon!


Monday, November 16, 2009

Start of a New Week - 3rd week of November

Morning to all.
Its a brand new start of a new week. Its gonna be one hell of a week for me as my body starts to get drained by the long nights at work. Never had I experience this type of working hours even from my SingTel days. Guess age is starting to catch up on my with all my partying.

Anyway, so far, things have been still like shit for moi. Sleeping when most ppl are working and working when most ppl are sleeping. No doubt I've been working for like 2 weeks on night duty liao but still.... FUCK man! Its like, my life is totally ruined.

Paper work seems to me like never ending. Have to prepare this, prepare that, check this, check that... AARGH!!! Wat the Fuck lah! Then as if paper work isn't killing me, students making noise outside the lobby have to go check and warn them and then if make some more noise, call the campus sercurity. Then later have to report this to management and all the stupid things... CCB lah!

Anyway, handling the check-in and check-out are kinda stressful too. Especially groups who are from PRC and IND, these ppl are the hardest to tahan. Want this lah, want that lah! Lan Jiao u understand.

Ah.. WTF lah. Dun stress myself le. Its monday liao. Later go home, knock myself out to slp. Maybe... hmm... maybe today before go back to work, go la sup first then work. Might have more energy. Hahaha!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

To Start Fresh Once More

I think its time for me to start afresh again. 1 bloody year never update again. Its not like a chore but things aren't really been going well for me.

In this 1 year since my last update, alot has happened to me. 1st, I left my job in the travel agency business because of the bad economic crisis caused by Lehman. The company I was with, closed down and I was left there hanging. For 6 bloody fucking months, was not holding any perm jobs, but thanks to some small lucky stars I was left with, manage to do some freelance work.
Then as things were, got help from gahmen institution and managed to get a job in the retail sales line. Joined Epicentre as a 'Mac Evangelist' and was promoting Apple products. Never in my wildest dream that I will be converted over to supporting Mac! LONG LIVE STEVE JOBS! The job was really a wonderful one cos of all the beautiful people I got to know and work with. The down side is that there is a monthly target which I must hit and knowing myself, it was never going to be it.
Things took for a better when I was chatting with an old fren from Radio Academy and he said that his workplace in NTU, needs people and the pay is slightly better than what I was getting in Epi. Not wanting to let the chance to let slip, I left and join him.

So now, hear I am, after idling 6 mths at home and 2.5 mths selling Apple products, finally got a job which pays quite decent for my standard and also, getting the experience I need in Hotel sector.

Hope it will be a good one. Gambate!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Wat in The World

As the title of this post suggest, What in the world has happened again???


It seems like I've been disappearing time and again. WTF! Sian is the word to use... So many failures in business ventures. Like man! Lost almost about 10K for the 3 different businesses. Lucky got make money out of it but in the end, have to use the profits to cover the losses.

Oh well... wat to do. Now need to try another different avenue to earn the money back. So far, life is still not too bad. At least still got a decent job with monthly pay.

Back into the heart of travel trade in Chinatown, all my crazy frustration is back. Stupid people asking very idoitic stupid questions on different things.

One good example is this crazy guy, came into our office, holding a brochure for Batam yet, he is asking about Saigon(Vietnam). As for air ticket and then seperate hotel accommodation for 10 Nights.. Single occupancy. My GOD! Crazy people are really around man!

Alright, can't blog much, need to go back to work. Will update again.


Friday, June 06, 2008

No One Else Knows

Greetings to all.

Its been a sad time for the Ranger as he was away for such a super duper long time. Anyway, it has been a fruitful long disappearance as the Ranger has done alot reflections and self-improvements.

One can say that the as a person grows older, the mindset changes and the thinking matures. No one will ever say their thinking always remain the same as before as this will give other ppl the impression that this person is a naive and childish type of person.

Sigh... As things stand, the Ranger will try again to remain in the loop of things but to honestly say, the Ranger will do another long disappearance again. But before the Ranger disappear.... again.... sigh.... here is a quick update of what had happened in the past long period.

The Ranger has decided after a long time that it was for the best interest of himself to leave the company as things are not as wonderful and pleasant as it seems in the first place. Hence, on the 28th of April, stood up from his desk, took out 'The Letter' and proceeded to the manager office.
' Sir, I've made up my mind. Please kindly submit this letter to the HR Dept. My last date, as stated in the letter will be 27th of May. '
So the days passing by were getting longer and more tiring but still, life has to go on. So on the last day of work with that company, the ranger has to settle everything and then surrender all that does not belong to him. Went to have a small word with those colleagues who are on better terms and said goodbye to them.

On the 28th of May, the Ranger starts work at a new company located back in the heart of the travel industry, Chinatown area. So life in the travel industry has come one full circle again for the Ranger. Now the Ranger is starting to learn the ropes in other aspect of the travel industry and is relishing the chance in it.

So here it is, the lastest update on the progress of the Ranger and will continue to try and update on it...

Take good care and GOD BLESS!

Friday, December 28, 2007


Me: Hi Mr. CYS! Its nice to hear from you.

CYS: Hi. Is my things ready?

Me: We are still awaiting the official black and white confirmation from our partners. By the way, we would like to inform you that there is a slight increase in airport taxes. An additional S$2 per pax.

CYS: What do you mean an increase?? Isn't the tickets issued once I've paid up?? Usually other agents I go to once I paid up everything is confirm.

Me: Yes, I understand. But its stated in the booking invoice that all airport taxes are subject to change.

CYS: I've already paid up in full. You shouldn't now come and tell me that I need to top up on the taxes. That's not acceptable.

Me: ..... Ok. I will check with my superiors and get back to you.


What in the FUCKING ASS-SHIT is that??? You already got something for free, a trip somemore and you yourself want to transfer the thing to your parents knowing that there may be a cost involved. And we clearly stated in the booking form that all taxes are subject to change and you acknowledged it yourself.

Now you even want to be so stingy over 4 bucks!!!?? A BLOODY FUCKING 4 BUCKS!!!! Let me just ask, how much load of shit can you buy with 4 bucks these days?? Virtually only a simple meal!!! WTF!!! I can't understand these people's thinking!!

What I feel is, you should know that people in our trade have no control over the rise in oil prices and we do not FUCKING OWN THE AIRLINES OR AIRPORTS!!!! If you can BLOODY HELL POSSESS CREDIT CARDS, THIS MEANS THAT YOU HAVE THE MEANS TO PAY THAT FUCKING MISERABLE 4 BUCKS!!! WAKE UP YOUR BIG DUMB SICKENING FUCKING MISER BRIAN!!!!


Go screw yourself!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Make more Vit M!!!

Money Money Money! Lots of Money! In a Rich man's world!

Err... think the song is something like tat. hahaha!

Oh well, its true that everyone is trying to earn money to survive in this horrific money-minded world. But as the cost of living goes up, our salary remains. WTF!!!?? Sigh!

Now a days, everyone is trying to find ways to make tons & tons of money but want it to come in like overnite. But if you want make tons of money in such a short time like 1wk, then pls go rob a bank or something. Money is hard to come by in such short period of time so you still have to work hard initially.

Oh bother! have to scram now.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Hari Raya Holiday!

Well... thats wat me and my friends were saying to each other when we woke up on the sunday morning after Hari Raya Adilfitri holidays!
Imagine our surprise looks and the silly remarks we made to each other....
' Man... u look like you just got laid by something big!'
' WTF! You bonked too much last is it??'
' You drank alot is it? Y the fucked up appearance!?'

You see ah, when you go out and drink with all your buddies(no cha bo), you tend to get the wierdest ideas coming out of your fucking brain.
'Hey, lets go Zouk and drink till we drop!'
'No... Go to MOS!'
'Dun want lah! Go St. James!'
So we got stuck at a kopi tiam in Jurong East for the next 1.5 hrs debating on where to go! In the end, Robin suddenly came up with an idea which I would later regret.
'Lets go to a lah sap pub/disco! Since all of us nv go before, lets go look see look see wats the hype is all about.'
So decision made and our convey of 4 vehicals went down to one of the disco/pub in Geylang. My my my... the moment we parked our cars and entered one of the 1st pub, we left the place less then 3mins cos all of those bitches in there are old enough to be our aunties! WHAT THE FUCK MAN! So we went pub/disco hunting till we found one called BS. That place is like towards the end of Geylang. Watever, so we just went in and its not too bad though. So we were served by the girls and the drinks were still ok for the cost(since I dun need to pump much Vit M). Robin and Victor both ordered 2 bottles of martel VSOP and then 1 bottle of Corden Blue later. So we got started and man...! We were being 'serviced' like nobodies business and we were having a great time 'servicing' them back.
So we drank from 2230hrs till like wat....0215hrs and all of us were like pissed drunk. Lucky we had booked rooms at the nearby Hotel 81 so that we can spend our nite. Lucky got a one fren investment make lotz of money so he planja the whole group on the 'extra' expenses. hahahaha! lucky hotel room cheap so ok. Man! Imagine the ruckus we made on our level cos about 10 - 12 guys all staying on the same level.
Sunday morning wake up... at first thought I was at home but when i look properly, the decor was really wrong and the layout dun fit my room. So I was like trying to make sense of things when I felt an arm move over to my side and hug me. Shocked out of my senses, i look around the bed stand and behold.... CDs were lying around... Oops! Wat did i do?? So I turned slowly to the side and see who's there. Well, at least she looks alrite...
Oh well... wat has happened... has happened!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Respect. This one word everyone knows very well what it actually means. But the question here is, ' Do you really practice the word?'

One thing for sure... there are people out there who don't give a FUCK about the whole thing. All these people only want other people to respect them and dun give a damn hoot about returning the respect. Not only do they dun respect the people, they also try to back-stab them in every possible way. Then these people give you some kind of FUCK UP attitude. They see people and be friendly to those they like & when they dun like they just try to find ways and means to be sarcastic to you.

One very prominent example was an incident which happened to one of my colleagues, lets call her A, yesterday. There was a call which came in and the caller was looking for a colleague B of the accounts department but this counter colleague go and transfer the call to colleague A. When colleague A came to me and jokingly made a statement, this counter colleague made a very sarcastic remark saying something like 'she is still new' or something similar. What is that suppose to mean!??? Do anyone need to be so damn sarcastic in the line of work!!!?? We are all working in the same company and all working towards the same goal. But with such kind of attitude towards some of your colleagues, how can one possibly work hand-in-hand and stand united to acheive our main goals???

To make it simple, I personally feel that with these type of people around, life is really gonna be damn tough trying to make a team stay thick! Sigh! I believe some of you reading this entry would understand how I feel in terms of having a really hypocritc colleague working alongside you.